A successful machine learning (ML) project is about a lot more than just model development and deployment.

Machine learning is about the full lifecycle of data. It consists of a complex set of steps and a variety of skills, required to achieve actionable outcomes and deliver business value.

The level of complexity involved in the ML lifecycle is part of the reason why good practices and fully integrated tools are in their infancy, even in the present day. Other reasons include a lack of skills, poor scalability of models, and a lack of automation as data scientists often come from…

Over the last few decades, businesses have collected plenty of valuable customer data. However, the full potential of these datasets is not always realised.

When the data is stored on-premise, in siloed systems and without offering a single source of truth, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to locate and validate the latest datasets, resulting in questionable reporting accuracy.

At the dawn of a new competitive era built upon an open data economy–with open banking and open energy gaining traction and telecommunications soon to follow–it is more critical than ever for organisations to understand and anticipate consumer behaviour using the…

“We have to choose to be stronger than fear.” — Ed Finkler

Open Sourcing Mental Health (OSMI) began almost a decade ago, when Ed Finkler, a web developer and open source advocate, started speaking at tech conferences about his personal mental health journey. The response to his open and honest discussion of the topic was overwhelming, and thus OSMI was born.

In his talk, he presents the audience with mental health statistics (from 2016) reported by the WHO. Mental health conditions are the second leading cause of workplace absenteeism. Just looking at depression, workers lose about 5.6 hours per week…

“ It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages. “ — Henry Ford

The above message is just as relevant today as it was a century ago. In today’s world, customers are spoilt with choices and businesses have to fight harder than ever before to maintain their customers.

A customer’s journey starts with acquisition. This side of the equation is usually well understood by the business, and substantial amounts of money are invested into marketing campaigns to attract new customers. This is not surprising, since more…

Katinka Gereb

Data enthusiast, passionate about all things AI

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